Starting the month off right, we meet on the first Sunday morning of every month at Parklands Educate Together Primary School at 11am. Our gatherings are very informal, and everyone is welcome, from young to old, from ‘religious’ to ‘never been to church before’ and everything in between!

What to Expect?

Whilst Covid-19 Test and Trace still in place, you will need to pre-register attendance via the contact us page or Facebook message.

From September we hope to return to what we consider normality! You can arrive and be welcomed with a cup of tea or coffee and a treat, before taking a seat of your choice. We will (hopefully) sing some songs together, before the children are given their activity to complete on their family mats. There may be some interactive prayer activities, or times of quiet reflection, but it is all very informal and you are free to engage with as much or as little as you choose. Then there may be more tea and coffee, before we all go our separate ways to connect with our communities.